What exercises are good for stability after shoulder dislocation?

Theraband. Theraband exercises which are progressively stronger large rubber bands are an excellent exercise to improve stability and strength about the shoulder after a dislocation.
Rotator cuff strengt. Rotator cuff strengthening exercises, as well as general shoulder and shoulder blade muscle strengthening are indicated.
Anterior Dislocation. Most dislocations occur when the humerus shifts anteriorly in relationship to the glenoid = anterior dislocation. I suggest a thrower's 10 program (http://www.Orthonc.Com/sites/default/files/forms/physical_therapy/sports_protocols/throwers_ten_exercise_program.Pdf) with bands/ light wt. Avoid tricep dips, & push-ups/ bench (w/ >90 elbow flexion) b/c these position the shoulder in a vulnerable way.