Could someone tell me how much pain I will be in after a hip replacement or hip resurfacing surgery?

Variable. Pain after hip replacement or resurfacing varies. The typical patient after hip replacement realizes immediate relief of their arthritis pain. Their surgical pain can range from minimal to significant, but this pain is of course just temporary and can be appropriately treated with pain medication as needed. Regular icing of the hip after surgery is very beneficial.
Moderate amount. Every patient has differing levels of pain. Some have little to none and some require narcotics for an extended period of time. The pain almost never prevents putting weight on the new hip.
Everyone's different. Although no one can predict your pain level, most patients deal with the pain quite well. Pain medication will be necessary in the forst few days to weeks to help you get up and moving. Most patiets report no pain and are very excited about the mobility and function at the 6 week mark.

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How much is cost of surgery for hip replacement in india?

Call the hospital. India u plan to go to then add 1500 for plane ticket , add the cost a hotel for ur month of rehab and the value of the risk you'll be taking. Read more...
Proceed with caution. Although financially it may make sense to consider hip replacement abroad, it is a big decision to have surgery done abroad. There are now multiple centers here in the United States that offer stateside medical tourism. These centers can offer the hip replacement you are considering at significant cost discounts. You then have american trained surgeons who meet the highest standards. Read more...

Can you tell me about delta motion hip replacement surgery?

Ceramic hip. You may be referring to the Delta Motion Type of hip prosthesis made by Depuy. It offers a larger femoral had that is made of ceramic. The potential positives include lower wear of the bearing surface vs. a metal head and plastic liner and more stability due to the increased head dieameter. The drawbacks are that some ceramic heads have been associated with a squeak and are harder to revise. Read more...