Could you do yoga after a hip replacement?

Yes. Very likely. You must be careful how far to bend your hip, but generally yoga should be ok.
Yes. You should ask your orhopaedist which position of your hip to be careful in. Then talk with you yoga teacher about how to modify your practice.
Yes. The goal of hip replacement surgery is to allow the return activities curtailed by pain and limited range of motion of the hip. modification of some positions may be required to protect against dislocation.

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Can I sit cross legged on the floor and do otger yoga stretches 2 months after a hip replacement?

See a Doc. Only your orthopedic surgeon can answer that question. 2 months after hip replacement is still a vulnerable time. The surgery has not usually healed completely by then and there are certain movements you should not do. These are called hip precautions. Your surgeon can give you the very best advice on what these precautions are. Do not risk having a hip dislocation. Talk with your surgeon. Read more...