My eyelid is swollen near my nose. I tried hot copresses but it just keeps getting bigger it hurts more near my eyelashes and the corner of my eye is a little itchy sometimes. It isnt had at all its just soft and getting bigger and painful. I don't have m

Sounds like a stye. Sounds like a stye which is an infection of the eyelid. Most go away on there own. Hot moist compresses can help. If it doesn't get better within a few days you need to see an eye doctor.
Probable stye. This is likely a stye which is a kind of pimple of the eyelid. Treat this with frequent applications of a very warm washcloth for about 4 minutes each and 5 times per day for several days. If the vision is affected or the eye itself is red, see your ophthalmologist. Otherwise use the heat and you are likely to get rid of this inflammation.