How long is the hospital stay after a hip replacement and how long will the replacement last?

1-4 days. The usually hospital stay after hip replacement is 2-4 days. Some centers have experimented with same day surgery. This often results in readmission, or problems at home. The national average is about 3.4 days. The length of stay is dictated by when patients meet all their goals prior to discharge. The surgery in my hand is less than an hour, and that is fairly typical in the US.
3 days and long time. Typical hospital stay is about 3 days. There are some patients that can go home the day of surgery and others that need 4-5 days. The hip replacements should last many years. I typically mention 15 years, but the newer materials should be able to last much longer. Consult your doctor.

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I'm curious as to how long is the hospital stay for a hip replacement and how long will the replacement last?

1-3 days and 20-30yr. Most patient stay in the hospital from 1-3 days, depending on the type of hip replacement, approach used, and any other complicating issues. Most hip replacement reliably last 20-30 years, but some can last longer. Read more...