How could you heal a dislocated shoulder?

See orthopedist. Initially rest it and avoid painful maneuvers especially the throwing position. You may use a sling for a few weeks if desired. Gradually, your activity level can be increased with a supervised rehab. Program. Discuss definitive treatment with a sports orthopedist to determine your options. Surgical and non-surgical treatment options are supported for a first time dislocator.
Rest, therapy. Rest and physical therapy are the keys to recovering from a shoulder dislocation. Sometimes, even after rest and pt, the shoulder can still feel unstable, and one may require surgery (i do it arthroscopically) to repair the structure that is torn during a dislocation. This structure (the labrum) does not heal itself, but it does not necessarily need to be fixed in everyone after a dislocation.
First. It needs to be put back in place then it needs to be rested or immobilized and then it needs to be strengthened with therapy.