Mdma can it cause m.S? I had headaches a week after, went for blood work and c scan-everthing is good, seems to be sinus infection on augment on.

MDMA and MS. There is no clear correlation between mdma & ms. However, neurotoxicity from mdma has been shown, affecting nerves in the brain, particularly the globus pallidus. The drug affects serotonin in the brain . The toxic effects may lead to stroke or other cerebrovascular damage, which can mimic the symptoms of ms. Autoimmune mechanisms are implicated in ms, not in mdma, which exerts neurochemical toxin.
MDMA & MS? Unregulated mdma ("ecstasy") use can damage the brain's serotonergic neurons. Some radiologic studies also show effects on the globus pallidus part of the brain. Neither of these things are the same as ms though, and headaches do not mean ms. There is some research using small, measured amounts of mdma in specialized forms of psychotherapy -- very different from street use.