What is the best treatment for a dislocated shoulder?

Closed Reduction. The best treatment for an acute dislocated shoulder is urgent closed reduction. This can be performed by emergency room physician or orthopedic on call surgeon.
Surgery. If your relatively young, and the shoulder is dislocating frequently, then surgical stabilization may be the best option.

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What are the typical treatments for a dislocated shoulder?

Depends... The treatment for shoulder dislocations varies based on the reason why the shoulder is dislocating. Some shoulders dislocate because the ligaments that hold the shoulder together are loose. Traumatic dislocations usually result in a ligament tear. The treatment of the loose shoulder may simply be physical therapy, whereas the person with a tear might require surgery.
Shoulder instability. Depending on age, it would be reasonable to start with rest (in a sling), followed by strengthening exercises outlined by a physical therapist. You will want to avoid extremes of forward flexion and external rotation (hand behind your head) for a period of time. Surgery is needed if you continue to demonstrate instability or pain.
Surgery. If the patient is young and has recurrent dislocations, generally surgical stabilization is recommended. In the older individual, who rarely dislocates, physical therapy might do the trick.

Is a labral tear caused by a dislocated shoulder on a fall 95% curable with physical therapy?

No. The tear will not heal but pt may keep it asymptomatic and prevent further dislocations. If pain or disfunction persists arthorscopic surgery is an option.

What is the best way to rehab a dislocated shoulder?

Rest. Resting allows the ligaments to have a chance at healing. In the past, we recommended a lot of physical therapy to improve the dynamic stability of shoulders. However, for patients that dislocate, strengthening does not help in containing the shoulder. Either the body is able to restore function and stability or not. Other options are rarely successful if there is persistent instability.

What is the best exercise to strengthen the muscles around a previously dislocated shoulder?

It depends.... There are many exercises that can strengthening the muscles of the shoulder after a dislocation. However, these exercises may depend on the type of dislocation (anterior vs. Posterior), as well as if there were any other injuries (nerve entrapment, tears, etc.) best to consult with your family or sports medicine doctor, orthopedic surgeon, or physical therapist for specific recommendations.
Anterior Dislocation. Most dislocations occur when the humerus shifts anteriorly in relationship to the glenoid = anterior dislocation. I suggest a thrower's 10 program (http://www. Orthonc. Com/sites/default/files/forms/physical_therapy/sports_protocols/throwers_ten_exercise_program. Pdf) with bands/ light wt. Avoid tricep dips, & push-ups/ bench (w/ >90 elbow flexion) b/c these position the shoulder in a vulnerable way.

My 12 year old is in severe pain with a dislocated shoulder. What is the best way to treat a dislocated shoulder?

This depends. I am assuming that the shoulder has been put back in. If the shoulder has been put back in, a short period of rest in a sling followed by gentle attempts to regain range of motion will allow early pain relief. Then pt can begin. If the shoulder has not been put back in, go to a doctor now.

What is the cure for a dislocated shoulder?

Reduce, sling, doc. The first thing is to get the shoulder reduced. If it has not been reduced, go to your local emergency room. After reduction, x-rays should be taken to see if any broken bones. They will put you in a sling. At 33Y.O. You can get away with no surgery if your shoulder is stable and there are no other issues like a rotator cuff tear, etc. I would see a shoulder specialist.
Emergent reduction. This means go to the er and let them put it back in place!
Physical therapy. If you're a first time dislocator, generally physical therapy is indicated, to strengthen the shoulder musculature, to prevent further dislocations. If you are a recurrent dislocator, you may require surgical stabilization.

Dislocated shoulder after treatment; what can I do to make it better sooner?

Time then therapy. The worst complication of shoulde dislocation is recurrent dislocation. This can be prevented with surgery or immobilization after the initial dislocation. An external rotation sling/brace may help the torn labral tissue heal in a better position. It takes about 3 weeks of immobilization before you can start therapy, any sooner and you would be at risk for instability. Patience is important.