Can thyroid disease affect your throat?

Maybe. Inflammation of the thyroid can give some patients significant neck/throat symptoms. But generally most thyroid nodules are without symptoms. And most thyroid dysfunction results in general symptoms rather than local symptoms (throat issues).

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Have been given a good report by an "ent"& an internist. I have thyroid disease (tk levo) & HPV (tk aldara). Why do I still have a chronic sore throat?

Combination of thing. A few thoughts- although you may not have had anything obvious on ENT exam you may still have subclinical gerd, post nasal drip, allergy or even irritant. I would review your hx to see if there is anything we are missing - try trials of appropriate meds including standard anti gerd, anti drip and anti allergy. At the end of the day this might be a combo of things. Read more...