What causes constant toe and leg cramping as I sleep?

Few possibilities. Can have low magnesium or potassium, can be dehydration. This is where i would start. The first 2 can be evaluated with bloodwork.
Can be. Secondary to a vitamin deficiency. Try taking a magnesium supplement before bedtime. (magox 400).
Dehydration. Vitamin absorbtion problem. Have your family dr. Evaluate you.

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My husband has constant cramps in his legs and toes, sometimes they wake him up from his sleep. He is 41 years old.?

Lots of things. Lots of things can cause this, from potassium deficiency, iron deficiency, vascular problems, diabetes and idiopathic...Just to list a few..Please have your husband see his physician for full evaluation and blood work. Read more...
Additionally. Low magnesium, excessive alkalinity in the tissues of the muscles or in the nerves, excess sympathetic tone. Read more...