How is a compound fracture typically stabilized after surgery?

Many ways. It depends on the severity of the fracture (fracture pattern and location) and severity of the soft tissue injury. Some open fractures can be treated with a "wash-out" and immediate internal fixation to stabilize the fracture. Others may require an external fixator for stabilization. The classification of the soft-tissue injury is factor in determining the type of stabilization.
Stabilized fracture. "compound" has been replaced with the word "open". Depending upon the bone location, severity, and grade of the open fracture, may be splint, plate, screws, external fixator.

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Can you tell me how is a compound fracture stabilized after surgery?

Fractures. can be treated in a number of ways including placing a rod in the marrow or canal of the bones. Metal plates and screws can also be used to hold the bones in place. occasionally we can also use external fixators whereby pins are placed in the bones and stick out of the skin and are held together by rods. Read more...