Does carpal tunnel of the feet exist?

Tarsal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome is strictly defined as entrapment of the median nerve at the wrist. There are some entrapment neuropathies of the feet, however, such as tarsal tunnel syndrome, that are seen in practice.
Sort of. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a median nerve entrapment at the wrist. A similar condition can occur in the foot/ankle with a tibial nerve entrapment in the tarsal tunnel and is not surprisingly named tarsal tunnel syndrome. Both types of patients can experience pain and numbness.

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Please explain if it is possible to have carpal tunnel syndrome in your ankle/foot?

Not exactly, similar. While carpal tunnel, by definition, is compression of the median nerve in the wrist, there are nerve compression syndromes that also occur in the legs and feet. A neurologist can help determine what, if any, nerves are affected and how to best relieve your symptoms.

Painful tingling sensation felt on my left leg and foot? Carpal tunnel?

No. Carpal tunnel affects the hands and wrist. Usually the symptoms of numbness, or tingling, and or pain occur at night but can occur with activities during the day occasionally pts. Will experience retrograde symptoms of pain up the arms.
Tarsal tunnel. There is condition in the foot and ankle that is called tarsal tunnel. It is in the inside of your ankle and foot and the pain can either shoot into your foot or up your leg. You should have someone take a look.
No. Carpal tunnel affects your hands not your legs. You may have a pinched nerve in your back but your doc can help you get the right diagnosis.

[22, F, Don't work out] This past week I've experienced symptoms of carpal tunnel while having pain in my left foot arch & right calf. Is this normal?

Carpal tunnel. Sometimes we just get pains but check for thyroid, diabetes, magnesium calcium, potassium and B12 (especially if vegan) as all can cause muscular pains. Do you sit a lot at a desk/computer? Break every 30 to 45 minutes and stretch for a minute. Rarely could be food allergy, autoimmune, MS or other. Because of calf pain go to urgent care/ doctor today check d-dimer, insure not clot.,

Right hand often cold. Feet not unusually cold. Safe to say problem is more likely carpal tunnel/nerve issue than cardiovascular?

Let me try to help. The earliest symptom for carpal tunnel is your hand goes to sleep (numbness), not cold. Most likely when the hand goes cold, it has to do with circulation.

Dr said I have carpal tunnel as my hands go numb when I sleep. My feet have also started to go numb but goes away if I change position, what could itbe?

Numbness. Numbness in the feet can be caused by a similar problem to Carpal Tunnel called "Tarsal Tunnel." But there are many other causes of numbness, including nerve damage or Neuropathy, Neuromas or other nerve impingements, poor circulation, etc. If you want to know for certain, you can visit a Neurologist who can perform an EMG/NCV study to try to isolate the cause of your problem.
Hands & Feet? The symptoms you describe are concerning in this respect. There are many, many reasons why a hand or a foot can go numb. You are saying that initially both your hands were affected and that now both your feet are also affected. The list of all the potential causes for your symptoms has just gotten more complicated. I suggest that you see a neurologist for his expert opinion and recommendation.

Lupus joint pain vs. Preg carpal tunnel? How to tell the difference? 36 wks being tested for lupus but hoping for the best pain in fingers toes feet

Conduction studies. CTS can be diagnosed with conduction studies also use of a sleep splint can relieve CTS.
Exam. A physical exam of the affected area can probably make the diagnosis. Carpal tunnel is common in pregnancy and can be treated with a wrist splint.

My TSH is 0.99 but the Dr said that I have a goiter. I have cold feet. Unexpected weight gain. Dry skin. Palpitations. Carpal tunnel. 29 yr old female?

Non-specific. Tsh of 0.99 suggests normal thyroid function. I dont have your free thyroxine level to confirm this. Your symptoms are non-specific. Unfortunately, when patients have the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism they only actually have it 30% of the time. That speaks to the lack of specificity of the symptoms you are having. Again though a T4 level would be needed to rule out central hypothyroidism.

What is axonal polyneuropathy? Had emg. Showed that and some carpal tunnel in arms. Have tingling numb in hands feet, chin, lips. Going to dentist

Nerve Disorder. Axonal polyneuropathy is a neurological disorder where the filaments that help keep the nerve shape and definition is disorganized so it affects nerve function. I do know some symptoms can be difficulty walking and loss of coordination down the road.
Injury to axons. Catnix, an axonal polyneuropathy is a neuropathy involving multiple nerves that occurs from injury to the axons. If your ncv/emg showed this, it is important to be certain that it is worked up completely to rule out B12 deficiency, hypo/hyperthyroidism, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, syphillis/hiv, and sarcoidosis. I would discuss further workup with your neurologist.
Nerve Disorder. A serious, unpredictable, occasionally progressive, and life threatening neurological disorder. It may be acute and appear without warning, or chronic and develop gradually over a longer period of time. Frequently affect the feet and hands, causing weakness, loss of sensation, pins-and-needle sensations or burning pain. There are numerous conditions that can cause polyneuropathy.