Could I straighten my bow legs with shoe inserts, or by walking on my insoles?

What's your age. In children the bones are still growing and more prone to respond to manipulations with braces. Once the bone stop growing chances are that only surgery or very heavy braces may help to straighten bow legs (genu varu or genu valgus. Make sure you rule out paget's disease of the bones. I don't know if insoles are going to help. Consult with an orthopode physician.
Lat heel wedge v HTO. You could try lateral heel wedges or an unloader brace as nonsurgical options that apply a dynamic force across the knee tending to straighten the limb while walking. A high tibial osteotomy (hto) is also a good surgical option occasionally. The latest version of an hto uses a inset flush plastic plate secured with fasteners and bone graft to straighten your leg. No hardware to remove or feel!

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