Do you have any medications for hemorrhoids?

Burning and itching. Hemorrhoid symptoms range from mild discomfort to burning, itching, bleeding, pressure, mass or lump in the perianal area. Symptom managed with shower, hairdryer entire area, creams, antifungals, and Lidocaine gels applied locally. More severe pain, bleeding may be a fissure. A bowel regimen, laxatives, fiber, increased dietary liquids, probiotics to achieve 2 soft stools daily.
Hemorrhoid creams. Over the counter medications include astringents to decongest and shrink hemorrhoids and 1% hydrocortisone.. Prescription creams include higher strength hydrocortisone. You can try over the counter medications for a week and if you don't get better, see a colon and rectal specialists. I have a list of them across the world on my website at www. Colonandrectalsurgery.Com.