What causes burning, bright red, itching tops of the hands and feet with no rash?

Dermatitis . Bright red inflammatory itching tops of the feet and hands are consistent with some sort of atopic or allergic reaction to some object or organism. Acute atopic dermatitis is consistent with such symptoms. Try otc Hydrocortisone as a first aid treatment, but it does not subside within 72 hours, seek a dermatologist for a more throrogh examination.
Allergy. May have an allergy to food or medication. I suggest you see your dr.

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My feet are itchy and burning after itching....and knees arms hands feet itches in night more...help me. I got red rashes after 2 days of itching. Tq?

Clean, don't scratch. Clean the bedding well. Gently clean your body well too and wipe w/ diluted vinegar or witch hazel, etc. Use a hypoallergic lotion too. Take Benadryl (diphenhydramine) as directed. If you still suffer, see a Dr. You might need a lb test and/or a Rx anti-inflammatory. Try hard to not scratch! Avoid infection. Read more...