I'm peri /mnpsal, no menses for 2yrs I still get hot sweats & flashes, @ night I get dry hot flashes, in bed I can't get warm in-btwn flashes, afex sleep?

Hormonal evaluation. If no menses for 2 years you are post menopausal. You need to evaluate your hormone levels and replace/balance them. Go to a4m.Com and use directory function to find a local functional medicine doctor to help you test your hormone levels and then help you get them balanced. This will help to get hot flashes under control and more importantly protect your long term health!
Bio identical . Some very conservative doctors may disagree, but I have been treating women like you with bio identical hormone cream with excellent results. The cream is compounded by a pharmacist and costs about $30-$40/month. Symptoms start getting better almost immediately. There is no way to patent this do there are no expensive studies that have been done to prove it works, but my patients love it!