Lump on my top right of my foot near my ankle?

May. Be a ganglion, bone spur or trauma. Go to your dr.
Lump. This may be a ganglion cyst with fluid or possibly a fatty growth. Get a medical evaluation.
Several things. It may depend if it is solid or spongy. Could be a bone spur, lipoma, ganglion, cyst. See a doctor to have it checked.
Any "lump" Should be examined in person by a doctor. Most "lumps" if not all deserve to be biopsied.
See Dr. Could be a ganglion, lipoma (fat tumor), bone spur, or an infection. Go for a local evaluation.
Lump. It sounds like a ganglion cyst. Usually not symptomatic. If it's painful I recommended seeing a doctor to aspirate it. If it doesn't get better with conservative care than the cyst can be surgically excised .
More info needed. Does it hurt? How long have you had it? I would suggest if it bothers you, see a podiatrist . There was not enough information, to provide more of an answer.