Does neurosurgery really cure/get rid of epilepsy?

Occasionally. Epilepsy surgery is complex. Detailed mapping of epileptic brain needs to be done, then resection of that area under controlled settings. Even then about 30% continue with seizures. About 30% are cured. The rest get better but still need medication.
Yes in some instance. Certain types of epilepsy can be cured by neurosurgery or offer a significant reduction in seizure frequency. The need for medicines can also be greatly reduced. However, there is a great deal that goes into deciding who is a candidate for surgery. This includes the underlying cause of the epilepsy and where the seizure starts in the brain. .
Epilepsy. In addition to medications to control seizures, brain surgery may be performed to reduce or eliminate seizures. There are a variety of operations that include removing scar tissue, tumors, or blood vessel malformations that may be the source of the seizure. See a neurosurgeon who specializes in the surgical treatment of epilepsy.
It depends on seizur. Certain things like mesial temporal lobe sclerosis, tumors, AVM, etc. can cause seizures and if removed by neurosurgeon can cure epilepsy. But not always. Many seizures can be lessened or controlled better by neurosurgery. Vagas Nerve Stimulators placed by Neurosurgeons often lead to better control of seizures but not cure.