Should you drink the night before a bone marrow biopsy?

Yes. Unless its being done under general anesthesia, you should eat and drink (including alcohol) as you would as part of your normal routine. If you are having a general anesthesia, you should take nothing by mouth for 8 hours prior to the procedure. If you are on blood thinners, check with your prescribing doctor to see if its okay to stop these to avoid excessive bleeding at the biopsy site.

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Do you recommend eating/drinking before bone marrow biopsy?

Does not matter. If bone marrow biopsy is the only test you will have, eating food will not affect the results. However, your doctor may plan to do other blood tests as well, therefore it would be prudent to check with her/him.

Have APS, does it Cause High B2M? Normal CT/PET and Bone marrow Biopsy. High LDH, Spleenomegaly, Normal SPEP, Night sweat, tired, Low platelete& RBC

Not necessarily. The B2M protein is "non-specific: and not necessarily associated with APS I am going to refer your question to one of our HEMATOLOGY/ONCOLOGY experts. This referral should not frighten you! It is simply to help you find out more about your clinical situation. Hope this helps Dr Z.

Are there any medications I should take before a bone marrow biopsy?

Talk to your Doctor. This procedure is under the control of the doctor how perform it. Follow his instruction.
Maybe. This procedure is usually done under local anaesthesia. Some people may need a sedative, analgesic, or anti-anxiety medication. The best thing to do would be to speak with the doctor several days prior to the procedure to let your wishes be known.
Simple procedure. Technically speaking, there is no medication you should take before a bone marrow biopsy. It is a simple procedure and done in your doctor's office. However, sometimes, in certain circumstance, a medication like pain medication or anti anxiety etc are requested by a patient. Thus, the best thing is for you to talk to your doctor and tell your doctor if you need to take something. Best of luck.

What is the purpose of collecting urine before a bone marrow biopsy?

Ask your doc. Please ask your doctor this question. The number of conditions/diseases that can be tested for in the urine are quite numerous, ranging from everything from pregnancy to multiple myeloma proteins.

Is it normal procedure to have an ultrasound and a xray before a bone marrow biopsy for a child?

Most likely. Too specialized a field to comment on. With pediatric oncology there are many research protocols that are followed. Best wishes for your child.

Can getting a bone marrow biopsy hurt?

It will hurt. Even with a local anesthetic and some sedation, you can expect a fair amount of pain. Be brave and remember that it's being done to promote your improved health.

How painful is a bone marrow biopsy typically?

It depends. Some people have a higher pain tolerance than others. Even at the hands of the most skilled physician, a bone marrow biopsy is at least uncomfortable.

How can you make a bone marrow biopsy less painful?

Premedicate. Make sure to take a common mild short acting benzodiazepine such as Xanax (alprazolam) about 30 - 40 minutes before the procedure.
Sedation. Light sedation can be used, in addition the soft tissues should be numbed to the periosteum, the outer layer of bone.
Conscious sedation. Conscious sedation can be done (though not every clinic is set up for it) where you will be put completely asleep so you don't feel anything during the procedure.

What can I do about pain in the bone marrow biopsy?

Bone marrow biopsy. If it is done after adequate local anesthesia is used with lidocaine, it should not hurt, maybe little pressure or discomfort at site. After procedure you can take an aleve, advil or tylenol (acetaminophen) to alleviate the pain.