How long will meth stay in your urine?

Up to 10 days. For most individuals having used the substance, the general consensus is often noted as a maximum of 10 days that methamphetamine remains detectable via a urine drug test. Often it is more like 3-5 days. The urine test rarely gives an incorrect finding if meth is in there. It can be detected in hair for much much longer. Meth is highly addictive, dangerous & harmful to mental and physical health.

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How long does meth stay In your body and. Urine,? Is there meds to help me get off meth

No effective meds. Meth usually stay in your urine no longer than 3 days. Medication treatment for meth use disorder has been not approved by FDA, some study suggest wellbutrin might help. to this date, the contingency management sober living program might be most effective way. Read more...