How long can it take to heal from a jaw bone biopsy?

It does depend. Also on size of biopsy - enucleation versus marsupialization, vs en-bloc resection and what pathology is/was. In general, 6-8 weeks of soreness, stiffness and point tenderness is all within normal limits. Best to have conversation at your follow-up because your oral and maxillofacial surgeon who performed this bone biopsy would know best.
It depends. It depends on why the biopsy was being performed. Bone biopsy of the jaw can take weeks to months to feel better. Persistent pain can be sign of infection or nico (neuralgia indiced caviational osteonecrosis) or it may be coming from whatever the biopsy was being performed for in the first place.
Depends. Depends the site and the size of the biopsy. Could be as little as a couple of days. Also depends on the result of the biopsy. If there is underlying disease that requires treatment, that has to be factored into the recovery time. Ask your oral surgeon specific questions.