After arthroscopy of the knee, how long is it normal for swelling to remain?

Typically 3-4 weeks. Depending on how much surgery you had. The quicker you get your knee moving and the quad firing (strengthened) the swelling you should have. It varies in everybody though and can last up to a month or two.

Related Questions

How long does it take for swelling in the knee to go down after arthroscopy?

few weeks. This will obvious vary person to person and to some degree dependent on what was done with the arthroscopy but the swelling should be better roughly within a month from surgery. Read more...

Still have swelling above left of left knee 2 weeks after arthroscopy. Also pain in left side. Is this normal?

Possible. Depending on the severity of your underlying diseases and inflammation, the swelling 2 weeks later may be normal. Discuss with your Ortho dr. and ask all the questions to them as they know your case the best. Good wishes. Read more...