I am 36 weeks pregnant with pelvic pain cramping lower back pain numbness feeling in my cervix I lost some of my mucus plug 2 days ago 3 days ago I had cervical exam and I am 2cm and 50?

Latent labor. `your symptoms sound very typical of the latent phase of labor, which can last for an unpredictable amount of time. Soon the pains/cramping will intensify and you will transition into the active phase of labor - when things will move more quickly/usually predictably. Hang in there - it's almost over!
Early Labor. It sounds like you're going into early labor. With loss of your mucous plug, cramps, & a favorable cervix (2/50/?) you probably should either call your OB or go to l&d to have a recheck, make sure your baby is doing well, and reassure you if there has been no cervical change. It sounds ok to me, congratulations on your upcoming birth & take good care of yourself.