Is there a stronger pain medicine than hydrocodone for an ankle arthroscopy?

Different yes. There are narcotic pain medications for pain relief of which hydrocodone is one. There ar other preparations that maybe more effective than one or another and can be tried. In addition, there are non-narcotic pain mediations that can be just as effective.
Yes. You surgeon will make a pain medication selection based on your personal medical history, allergies and what is required during the ankle arthroscopy. Discuss your concerns preoperatively.
Post-Op Ankle Pain. There is always stronger pain medication, but usually given intravenously. In short, i would elevate, ice, remain non-weight bearing for 72 hours with your present pain relief meds first before seeking more, stronger pain meds. Also, there may be something else that may require a quick visit to your surgeon to make sure there are no complications.
Pain medication. Hydrocodone (vicodin) is a fairly strong pain medication. Oxycodone (percocet) is more or less on the same level but may work better for some patients.