What diffuses the tear of the anterior cruciate ligament with posterior displacement within the intercondylar?

Nothing. There is nothing that would "diffuse" a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (acl). Acl is one of only few ligaments in our body that is entirely intra-articular which means it is not within soft tissues but is sitting inside the joint space with some surrounding joint fluid. This atmosphere makes it impossible for the ACL to heal (which I am assuming what you meant by diffuse).
Rephrase. Please rephrase your question. It doesn't make any sense.

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My mr images reveal an acute partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament, moderate synovial effusion, and bone contusion. What does this mean?

You need to be seen. You need to be seen to determine whether the knee is unstable. If unstable, you need to have a discussion with your doctor as to whether or not surgery may be needed. Read more...

What do the anterior cruciate and posterior cruciate ligaments do?

Stability. Together, they function to keep your knee in place. They keep the knee from moving too far front and back as we'll as rotating too far. The acl prevents forward shifting and rotating while the PCL prevents backward shifting and outward rotating. Tears of the acl do not heal and often end up with acl reconstructions. Pcl tears often heal partially and may not need surgery. Read more...

What treatment is recommended for full-thickness anterior cruciate ligament graft tear? I have no pain and only minor instability (side to side).

See ORS . If your acl graft rupture is isolated ( no meniscus injury, etc)your treatment may be nonoperative as long as the graft doesn't cause pain , catching or instability.See an experienced knee surgeon for examination and treatment alternatives .( revision acl reconstruction can always be done @ later date if your knee becomes more unstable).Best of luck! Read more...