After my STD exposure to oral unprotected sex, I tested 8th day for all STDs with bio kit hsv2 test it came -ve n there are no symptoms. M I gud?

Maybe. I'm not familiar with the test you mention. You should be tested for the full range of stds including gonorrhea, chlamydia and genital herpes. Some infections like HIV - which requires a blood test - won't actually show up on testing until much later. In addition, lack of symptoms is not an indication that you don't have an infection.

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The woman in the couple has hsv2. Whenever they have unprotected sex he experiences uncomfortable urination beginning a few days after. No other stds.

Not Herpes. Wow. I am very unsure how to word this. But, uncomfortable peeing after a sexual encounter is not herpes. But, that does not mean that the negative partner should not have a blood test to make sure of their herpes status. It appears that the positive partner is doing everything she can to lower the risk with valtrex (valacyclovir). But, the urination symptoms are not herpes. Read more...