They only did emg on my arms and the tech said it didn't look like anything was affecting it but I had the numbness in my toes feet legs. My pcp has no clue what to do just keeps doping me up. I'm pretty sure its gbs. If I do to a hospital they can diagnos

EMG/NCV of legs. It sounds like you need an emg/ncv study of your legs in order to determine if you may have a polyneuropathy or nerve root dysfunction. Would also recommend complete blood work to r/o diabetes, thyroid disease and vitamin deficiencies i.e. B12, d, folate (folic acid) etc.
Ask your PCP . For a referral to a neurologist. A ncv should of been done as well, and if the feet and legs were numb they should of been included in the test not just the arms. Before, giving yourself gbs, be aware there are many reasons for neuropathy and it may be something else.