Is this new evidence that MMR may cause autism after all? Http://t.Co/pkcuulr

No. No evidence at all for mmr, or any vaccine, being causative for autism. And, plenty of evidence to the contrary. (nice question from a 2 year-old, and very relevant, but now get going and get your parents to catch you up on your vaccinations. You are overdue, and mumps, measles and rubella are problematic diseases that could have serious effects).
No. There is no evidence to tie MMR to autism. Mmr does however eliminate a deadly disease, namely wild type measles. Watch: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=vsv7uy8amrc for more info.
No. No valid evidence has linked MMR to autism. A study in a british medical journal by a dr.Wakefield drawing an oblique relationship of measles vaccine to autism was found to be fraudulent. Dr. Wakefield misrepresented himself and his data. Repeated studies subsequently have disproved any relationship of the MMR to autism.