How can I get relief from my back pain?

Read below . It depends on what type of back pain you have? Is it your neck, mid back or lower back that is bothering you? Do you have any leg pain and if so, which hurts more, your back or leg? If you have leg pain, how far does it go down your leg and how would you describe the pain? Burning, stabbing, aching? What have you tried thus far for the pain?
Depends on cause. W/out knowing where your pain is located (upper, mid, lower), type of pain, aggravating factors, etc. It's next to impossible to give good advice on pain relief.To get a proper diagnosis & thus proper relief, seek an osteopathic manipulative medicine dr.A good history & phys, incl osteopathic hands-on exam may reveal cause.In many cases, osteopathic manipulation can relieve pain right in office.