My 7 week old just started crying in the evenings. Is this considered colic if it just started?

Rule of 3's. Years ago researchers came up with a simple formula to try to bring some uniformity in discussions about colic. Unexplained crying for 3 hours a day at least 3 days a week in the first 3 months of life is considered the research definition.Brazelton found that most babies had some periods of unexplained crying by 2 wks, peaking at 6-8 wks and fading thereafter.
No. Colic typically starts in the first few weeks of life and usually resolves by 3 months of age. This recent crying is likely not a sign of a problem, but should be monitored to look for potential causes. It can be helpful to keep a crying diary tracking what time your baby cries, how long episodes last, and any other related factors. Bring this to your child's next appointment.
No. Babies often have evening fussy spell for several hrs.Why is not known.My theory is that this is the time of most stress as end of day activities such as home from work, dinner, etc, happen.Try making sure the feeding before the crying is in a quiet place with good burping and not rushed to get things done.This seems to help.