Would a CT scan show a hyperplastic polyp in the cecum?

Only if very big . Plain ct would not find a polyp (especially a hyperplastic polyp which tend to be small and in the left colon and rectum). Ct colonography ("virtual colonoscopy") may show a polyp in the cecum, if it is at least 6mm in size; can't really see things smaller than that., and can't biopsy anythingseen w/o colonoscopy. Can't tell polyp is hyperplastic w/o biopsy.
Doubtful. As most hyperplastic polyps are small and below the resolution of most ct scans. On the other hand, hyper plastic polyps are generally considered benign and not pre cancerous. But until the polyp is removed and evaluated by pathology after a colonoscopy, the diagnosis can not be made.

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Colonscopy revealed "a small lesion near the cecum." Isn't that considered a polyp? I though all polyps were removed? Instead m having CT scan.

? colonoscopy lesion. Might be - but I suspect that it doesn't have the appearance of a polyp and the concern is that its in the wall of the colon - hence the need for a CT - what did the path report (if it was biopsied) show?? it may also be a very non descript area - not normal appearing on colonoscopy and not able to be biopsied but something that warrants further investigation. Read more...