How can you get rid of a kidney infection?

Antibiotics. Antibiotics... Unless you also happen to have a kidney stone.
Here are some ... Are you sure you have kidney infection (upper urinary tract infection) or just bladder infection (lower urinary tract)? Yes, we can get rid of it, but recurrence is common. How to minimize its recurrence? Ask urologist timely for comprehensive evaluation so to define possible underlying causes for UTI and design reasonable long-term care. That can be done effectively through collaboration... .

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How long is it supposed to it take for ciprofloxacin work to get rid of a kidney infection?

Pyelonephritis . A two week course of the appropriate antibiotic is generally deemed sufficient to treat pyelonephritis (a kidney infection. Read more...

I'm having weekly injections of gentamicin for kidney infection, but still can't get rid of it?

Pyelonephritis. If you are only taking gentamicin once a week you probably have significant impairment of renal function, in which case this is a very complex issue and may require input from an infectious diseases expert who can see and examine you and has access to your records. Good luck. Read more...

For what length of time can you live with a kidney infection without treatment?

Varies long2not long. Untreated kidney infection/ pyelonephritis & abscesses can lead to overwhelming sepsis & rapid death pyelonephritis & small kidney abscesses can linger for months. Also depends upon overall health of subject when infection occurs. Babies & old folks tend to fare worse than ages inbetween. All kidney infectios need to treated asap. Read more...