Is a urinary tract infection sexually transmitted?

UTI no, STD yes. No if ou mean bladder or kidney infections, because it would mean bacteria travelling from one bladder down the urthra which is not intact with partner's urethra. Honeymoon or post intercourse cystitis occurs only in women and is due to bacteria already around the woman's urthra being pumped up her urethra from transmitted penile thrusts. Urethritis, closest to exterior uti, is site for stds.
Yes, yes. Can very well be. There is an entity called honey moon cystitis which mainly is a UTI due to frequent sexual relations. Of course sexual hygiene cannot be emphasized enough. Also, there are other reasons for UTI including after catheter placement or medical procedures or any local irritation and in post menopausal women that could be related to atrophic vaginitis changes.

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Can a urinary tract infection be sexually transmitted from my fiancee to me?

Yes. This can happen as bacteria can be transmitted and ascend the urethra into your bladder. Untreated, it could progress to pyelonephritis and damage your kidneys. It can also lead to cystitis or bladder infection and might even get in the bloodstream, resulting in sepsis. The standard antibiotic is trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole or tmp-smx. See your doctor and get treated asap.