How to prevent urinary tract infection in toddlers?

Depends. Is your toddler potty trained? If yes there are 2 very important things 1. Make sure they are voiding often ( every 2 hours by the click during the day) 2. Make sure they are not getting constipated... They should be pooping every day and their poop should be soft. Make sure they are drinking plenty of fluids. Remember that utis in toddlers are rarely dangerous unless associated with a high fever.
Mainly for girls. Change asap after bowel movement if still in diapers. Cotton underwear if out of diapers. Never use bubble bath. Avoid constipation and treat if necessary. Teach to sit on potty with thighs spread to avoid vaginal trapping of urine. Avoid telling to push out urine when potty training, just sit on potty & tell child to make shhhh. Boys with recurrent utis may be candidates for circumcision.

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How to prevent urinary tract infection on honeymoon?

The following. Urinate to empty bladder after sex & before going to sleep. Shower rather than bathe. Avoid thong or sythetic underwear. Don't let yourself get constipated. Drink pl;enty of fluids & empty bladder every 3 hours or so. Good luck & have a great honeymoon. Read more...