Are urinary tract infections in adults very contagious?

No. They are not contagious unless the UTI is tuberculosis or a parasite both of which are extremely rare in the US.
No. Uti's are in fact not contagious or spread from person to person.

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What are the causes of consistent urinary tract infections?

Find a specialist. (urologist or urogynecologist) who is interested in evaluating women with this problem. Uti is not always sucessfully treated just with antibiotics and there are other causes of bladder symptoms besides urinary infection. Hope this helps. Read more...

I feel like i’m the only one of my friends that gets urinary tract infections (utis)? What gives…am I the only one?

No. Are you a woman? Some women tend to get repeated urinary infections, some induced by intercourse. You may be the only one among your friends but you are not alone. Please see your doctor for evaluation, treatment and prevention. Read more...