Why are some people more suseceptible to uti's (urinary tract infections) than other people?

Depends . Infections of any kind are caused for a variety of reasons. Uti's are no different. Getting a UTI depends on the type of bacteria, the strength of the immune system (immunocompromised people are much more prone to all infections), gender ( females are more susceptible to uti), and underlying medical or urologic conditions ( ex, diabetes, stones).
Hygiene and genetics. Some patients have cells lining their urinary tract that allow certain bacteria with p-pili (an example of a type of bacterial attachment arm) to enter their urinary tract and cause infections of the bladder and especially in this example infections targeting the kidneys called pyelonephritis. In addition, differences in hygiene, and other comorbidties such as diabetes predispose to infection.

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I'm wondering why are some people more suseceptible to uti's (urinary tract infections) than others?

Honeymoon cystitis. Some women are genetically more prone to cystitis. The cells lining their bladders tend to be "sticky" in regards to adhering to bacteria pushed through the urethra during intercourse. Empty your bladder immediately after sex, drink lots of water to flush the bladder and try cranberry juice or pills daily. This helps prevent bacteria from adhering. If infections persist, see a urologist. Read more...

Why are some women more suseceptible to uti's (urinary tract infections) than others?

Anatomy. The bladder's opening, or urethra, and the vagina are in close proximity. Intercourse may force bacteria into the bladder. However, endometriosis may often feel like recurrent uti's . Check with your physician. True recurrent UTI may be suppressed by longterm low dose antibiotics. Read more...