What vitamin wards off yeast and urinary tract infections?

Cranberry &probiotic. I recommend cranberry and probiotics.
Cranberry&probiotics. Women are usually at risk for yeast infections following taking antibiotics for a uti. To prevent a UTI in the first place i recommend taking a daily probiotic and a cranberry pill. Also wiping front to back and cleansing yourself after intercourse is always a good preventive measure. If you are prone to yeast infections please get yourself checked for diabetes as this is a main symptom.

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Anyone know what is a vitamin I can take to ward off yeast and urinary tract infections?

Vitamins and UTI. There is no vitamin that can cure uti's and yeast infections. Vitamin c acidifies the urine and makes it harder for bacteria to grow and cause uti's and it is not a cure. If you have frequent uti's, a urologist may be able to help them from happening again, if you have some type of obstruction that can be relieved. Yeast infections need medication. Good luck. Read more...