How can I ward off a bladder/urinary tract infection?

Hygiene. Especially, sexual hygiene and handwashing. Cranberry juice has shown promise preventing infection in women who are prone to it but does not treat established infection.
The following. By urinating after sex to empty bladder, shower rather than bathe + never use bubble bath.Avoid costipation.Good toilet hygiene by wiping from front to back as well as pulling panties, tights + pants down to ankles and spreading thighs widely as possible when urinating. Avoids urine trapping in vagina.Don't wear thongs or try to hold off urination when bladder full.Have healthy diet + drink lots.

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How can you ward off a bladder/urinary tract infection?

Stay hjydrated. Don't wait too long (e.g. Not more than 3-4 hours) between urinations, empty the bladder soon after intercourse, and clean carefully after bowel movements. Although there are no research studies, these are commone sense things that may help reduce the incidence of uti's. Read more...