Sciatic nerve is making  my left foot have the feeling of pins n needles. Plus lots n lots of pain in the calf. As well as pain down the leg. Isit normal?

Not normal. Sciatic nerve pain that causes numbness and/or tingling to the leg indicates some type of "irritation" to the sciatic nerve. Some use the term "pinched, " "compressed, " or other terms. Causes include arthritis, a slipped or ruptured disc, or other spinal issue. Best to be checked by your family doctor, internist, or orthopedic surgeon to find the cause and provide you a treatment plan.
Yes and No. Sciatica can cause these symptoms. It is not normal to have sciatica.
Sciatica . Is a condition of pain along the sciatic nerve (buttocks to the feet.) is a normal pain distribution. My concern is your lots of pain in the calf. While, it may occur with sciatica, i feel it prudent to rule out a clot in the leg. You will need to see your doctor to get a referral for an ultrasound. (if they feel it warranted.).