Will drinking cranberry juice reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (utis)?

Usually ineffective. Controlled studies in adults showed that cranberry juice has a modest suppressive effect only when ingested a large quantity. Certainly not for children.
Supposed to. Proanthocyanidins are a substance produced & contained by cranberries & are reported to reduce adherence of bacteria to the bladder lining & thus give a degree of protection against & thus risk of utis.
Yes. Cranberry juice decreases risk of urine infections caused by certain bacteria such as e. Coli. You can still get urine infections by other organisms.

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I have been having urinary tract infections almost every day for two months now. I don't drink caffeine and I stay away from breads. Wat do I do?

Need a doctor eval. Uti in men is different than women. It needs a close look by a doctor to rule out stones an obstruction. You will need an ultrasound. Especially recurrent infection or difficult to treat, need a urologist attention. This is very important to guard against complications including kidney disease and infection. Read more...
Need a doctor. Persistent UTI requires special attention and evaluation by a doctor, preferably a urologist. An ultrasound is needed to rule out stone disease and obstruction. This will diagnose and treat the problem and prevent complications like kidney disease or infection. Read more...