What could it mean if I have vaginal discharge and it hurts to pee?

Infection. The symptoms you are describing could be symptoms of an infection. You should visit your primary care physician or gynecologist to evaluate you for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Also, if you do not eat fermented foods such as yogurt, take a probiotic.
Here are some. .. All women with the described symptoms require a confirmatory check-out for possible BV, STD-related vaginitis, and UTI. That is easy to do by bringing the info of the onset, degree, duration, interval, & progress of all symptoms to Doc for analysis, physicals, & tests as needed so to deduce possible Dx for reasonable Rx / care. If STD is concerned, be sure the sexual partner be treated & followed.

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Currently experiencing yellowish-green vaginal discharge with a weird smell but no signs of redness on that area. Doesnt hurt when I pee too?

STI? The symptoms are suggestive of a sexually transmitted infection such as Gonorrhoea or Trichomonas. It could also be due to Bacterial Vaginosis. Please see your doctor who can take swabs and send to the lab then treat you accordingly. In the meantime please avoid having unprotected sex with any partner.
Need STD exam. Please go get an exam to see if your vaginal discharge is from a sexually transmitted infection Does you partner have discharge from his penis or pain with urination?

Red rashes on vagina, and doesnt hurt unless touched. No vaginal discharge, or itch. Doesn't hurt when I pee. No smell?

Needs to be seen. Lumps, bumps, blisters and other skin abnormalities on the genitals need to be evaluated. An examination will be needed to know the cause and treatment. Folliculitis is one possibility. Yeast is a possibility and over the counter fungal cream will fix it. Trauma from recent intercourse if possible. Herpes is an std which can cause this. Other possibilities too. Schedule an exam.

Throughout my life, pain in my butthole comes occasionally when I have vaginal discharge, when I pee on the toilet, and when I wipe or touch it???

Fissure? Hemorrhoid? Maybe nothing is wrong, just increased sensitivity of your anus to moisture, acid, certain foods, etc. However, you should be checked for problems like anal fissure and hemorrhoids. Discuss with your doctor next time you have a routine visit, e.g. for pelvic exam; or make an appointment today. Probably nothing serious, but better safe than sorry, and effective treatment probably is available.

The problem that I have is that I can't keep my pee and I have vaginal discharge I when to the doctor they do test and I don't have an STD so maybe?

Urinary tract. You should have a urine test to find out if you have a UTI. If that is negative, there may be other urinary tract disorders that should be investigated.
Hopefully you. Have also been tested for a urinary tract infection. If not, be sure that is done. Have you had any children yet? If so, it is possible that you may have some laxity (loosening) of the pelvic muscles causing this. Constipation can also cause urine to leak. If none of this obviously applies to your, consider seeing a urology specialist.
Here are some. .. The content and relevance of your Q are unclear for offering an answer to the point. To solve conundrum of concerns, collect & bring the info on the onset, degree, duration, evolution, & progress of all symptoms & their potentially related discomforts over time to Doc for analysis + physical exams + tests as needed so to deduce possible Dx for reasonable Rx/ care/ counseling now and for the future.

Sometimes when I pee, there comes black specks with it. I'm not sure if this is from urine or vaginal discharge. No other symptom. What could this be?

Exam. Obviously you should be examined and have both an abdominal and pelvic exam. This sounds like old blood in your urine. This can happen from infection, vigorous sexual activity or hormonal issues. Please consult with your physician for an examination.
Urinary stones. You may have kidney stones, which can occur in 10-15% of general population. Many stones are passed without pain and without even knowing. It is the small percentage of population who need medical or surgical intervention for urolithiasis.

Why does my vaginal discharge smell like pee?

"Urine" in vagina. The urine may be that "you are in" (urine) the vagina itself. This can occur with an abnormal communication between the bladder/urethra and vagina (fistula) or urine leakage into the vagina when voiding. (emptying the bladder.) If you notice urine leaking when you aren't urinating its probably the former. See a GYN MD or Urogynecologist for assessment.

I feel as if I'm peeing my pants but its just a lot of vaginal discharge?

See you Gyn doc. You should be evaluated for 1) an urine infection that an analysis or brief look at your urine and a culture, 2) vaginitis or a change in vaginal flora is a very common complaint of women. So before using anything over the counter that can "mess up" the crime scene go to your gyn.