How is urinary incontinence fully treated?

Depends. Depends on the cause and type of incontinence. I recommend further evaluation by urologist, urogynecologist, gynecologist or primary physician. There are many non surgical and surgical options. In addition can consider pelvic physical therapy. Once again, this all depends on type and cause of incontinence and it should be evaluated further. Www. Voicesforpfd. Org.
Meds surgery & rehab. The first step in incontinence treatment is the correct diagnosis of type and cause. Then a treatment plan can be created consisting of medication, rehab, surgery or a combination of all three. A test called urodynamics can help determine the cause and help create the treatment plan.
See complete answer. To treat urinary incontinence a complete evaluation is necessary. There are many available options. Treatment can include kegels exercises, physical therapy, behavioral changes, medication, surgery/procedures, and nerve stimulator therapy. Often a combination of different therapies is need to achieve your best outcome.