Is it safe to eat non-organic foods during my pregnancy?

Yes. Decreasing the amount of harmful chemicals and pesticides during pregnancy is a good idea, however some foods are not exposed to the same level of chemicals as others.Those without thick a protective outer cover are more susceptible during the growing process and therefore require more chemicals and pesticides e.g. Blueberries, strawberries. See this link for further info: http://www.Foodnews.Org/.
Yes. It is safe to eat non-organic foods in pregnancy. It is important however to wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating.
Yes. But... If i were going to choose one time in life to opt for more organic food choices, it would be during pregnancy and early childhood. Early development is a time of great opportunity. We want the best building blocks and the fewest toxic exposures. Switching to organic foods can help with both.
Yes. The overwhelming majority of the world eats nonorganic foods. Follow basic nutrition guidelines for overall wellness.
No. I think it is more important to avoid processed foods. There is not much research on organic vs non organic foods and effects on pregnancy and birth.
Yes. Rather than focusing on organic vs nonorganic (which is a hard question to answer), focus instead on eating mostly unprocessed foods, mostly a plant-based diet.