What makes red blood cells go into your urine?

Nephritis, stones, CA. Nephritis is inflammation of the filtering units. Stones could cause bleed due to scratching the tissues. Cancer also could bleed. Also, urine infection sometimes causes blood in urine.

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What does positive red blood cells in the urine?

See doctor. Hematuria can be cause from several problems including infection, kidney stones, kidney issues as well as bladder problems. It requires follow up to find out the causes.

Please tell me what can I eat to remove red blood cells from urine?

Wrong approach. You need to find why you have red cells in your urine. Magic foods aren't the answer to this or to most other health issues. You'll get a workup looking for stones, tumors and perhaps other health problems. About 1% of folks have thin GBM non-disease or some other cause of harmless blood in the urine. Don't try to treat this. Best wishes.

Can anyone tell me what can I add to remove red blood cells from urine?

Need diagnosis. RBCs in the urine in essence is bleeding somewhere in the kidney, ureter, bladder, or elsewhere in the genitourinary tract. Causes range from kidney stones to bladder infection to inflammation of the kidney to various tumors. Persistent blood in the urine no explained by an obvious cause like bladder infection needs evaluation to find the cause.

What causes red blood cells to come in urine?

Many causes. Bladder or kidney infection, kidney or bladder stone; interstitial cystitis; various kidney diseases (usually associated with protein in urine); cancer of bladder, kidney, prostste or urethra; benign microscoic hematuria. Should always be checked out.