What does it mean to have ketones in your urine?

Dehydration. It is generally a sign of dehydration. If you have diabetes, it can be a sign of diabetic ketoacidosis (too high a sugar level). It can be present in alcoholics with poor nutrition recently (alcoholic keto-acidosis) and in people who have not eaten lately (starvation keto-acidosis).
Sometimes diet based. Agree with the above answers but must add that I see many patients these days with ketones in their urine which is due to specific dietary choices. The "ketogenic" diet is a very popular diet and is similar to atkins style diets of very low carbohydrates. These diets lead to ketones in the urine.

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What does it mean when you have leukocytes and ketones in your urine?

Urine results. Leukocytes/white blood cells indicate that inflammatory/infectious process is occurring, especially if rbcs are not present to support the idea of whole blood in the urine. Ketones are breakdown products of fats/fatty acids & seen in fasting or starvation. Lab findings must be taken in a clinical context; we would need to know what symptoms, issues, or other info available if any to help evaluate. Read more...