What diet should a patient of IgA nephropathy follow?

Low protein is wise. However, if renal function is perfectly normal and you only have moderate protein losses in urine you may not need to restrict your protein intake. Fish oil is useful for IgA nephropathy, but you will be getting this in capsules.
Tough to say exactly. In general a low salt and moderate protein restricted diet, but this is a tricky question and your case may be a little different depending upon where you are in the disease. Your treatment needs to be tailored to you by your doc who will be watching you for the next many years.

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What is a good diet for IgA nephropathy patients?

Low antigen diet. Patients with IgAN have an immune problem. An Italian study by Ferri reported a marked reduction in proteinuria in IgAN patients put on a strict low-antigen diet (a diet free of foods likely to cause immune response- http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmed/8302454). Such diets are low in wheat, soy, food preservatives, and food coloring. Contact Claudio Ferri Univ L'Aquila Coppito, Italy for more info.

Can cessation of nicotine (not smoking, but NRT) reduce proteinuria in an iga nephropathy patient?

It is possible. Nicotine is a very dangerous drug. For example, it has been shown recently in mice that it damages cells in the pancreas, why not in the kidney?
No. But, cessation of nicotine intake in any form is a good idea anyways. Corticosteroids remain the mainstay for therapy and reducing proteinuria in IgA nephropathy, best wishes.

How do ACE inhibitors work for treatment of Iga nephropathy where a patient already has normal blood pressure?

Ace. Ace inhibitors block the angiotensin converting enzyme. This has an effect on the proximAl tube and glomerulus of your kidney. This benefits your kidney by not losing protein at these parts of the kidney. Good for your condition and diabetics too.

What diet one should take if IgA nephropathy?

Low-protein & salt. Nephropathy, kidney disease, regardless of cause, generally dictates a diet lower in protein and in sodium (table salt). The degree of restriction depends on the degree of current kidney compromise, the expectation of future damage, & the presence of other contributory risk factors like diabetes or hypertension.

How would one go about getting IgA nephropathy?

Sussceptibility. Iga nephropathy is a one of the most common glomerulonephritis ie a type of kidney disease in the world. The cause is not completely clear. Its a form of immunoglobulin ie a protein normally made in all of us, which gets deposited in the filter of the kidney, ie glomerulus and causes damage as it is slightly altered in those individuals.
Unknown. Iga nephropathy is the most common form of glomerulonephritis in chidren, yet the cause is still elusive.

Is a biopsy necessary for IgA nephropathy?

Yes. You cannot diagnose IgA nephropathy with certainty without a biopsy. A doctor could make a provisional diagnosis, however. Since you cannot treat IgA nephropathy effectively you may wonder what's the point to do a biopsy anyway. Usually the use of the biopsy is to rule out more treatable disease and by knowing what you have you kind of know what to expectm (prognosis).
IgA Nephropathy. Urine and blood tests can be done but the only way for your doctor to confirm a diagnosis of IgA nephropathy is with a kidney biopsy.
IgA NEPH. To diagnose it - yes - once biopsied, then repeat biopsy is not necessary - the nephrologist can follow disease progress with urine and blood tests.

What is the life expectancy after being diagnosed with IgA nephropathy?

Not short. Iga nephropathy sometimes resolves spontaneously. Many cases have stable disease i.e. With no deterioration for long years. Severe cases however, will develop end-stage renal disease and require dialysis. They will be eligible for transplant that can be repeated if needed. Each transplant could give on the average 90%+ of 10-15 years renal graft survival.

Can homeopathy cure IgA nephropathy?

Not that is proven. No know therapy is shown to cure IgA nephropathy.
IGA nephropathy. Conventional medicine has symptomatic, supportive treatments for IgA nephropathy only -- no cure. Homeopathy does not treat specific pathologic diseases, but does treat the individuals who have them. A well-trained classical homeopath can take your case thoroughly and prescribe an individual homeopathic medicine that stimulates your own restorative system as needed. Http://homeopathyusa. Org.

I have IgA nephropathy and have had back pain. What should I do?

Supportive care. Igan can cause sig back/flank pain. This may be unrelated to severity of disease (you may have severe pain but normal kidney function); treatment is challenging. Narcotics are addictive and will make you sleepy; nsaids (like ibuprofen) are toxic to kidney; tyelenol is safe but may not help. Try exercise/yoga/acupuncture/gabapentin/tricyclic anti-depressants.