What causes high levels of uric acid in blood?

Gout, dehydration. Gout, dehydration, and renal failure are the most common causes.
2 basic causes. You uric acid level is elevated either because you produce too much or your kidneys excrete too little. Simple tests can determine if there are any specific conditions causing the high level.

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What are the causes for high levels of uric acid in blood?

So many causes. Genetic such as syndrome-x and trisomy syndrome; diseases such as renal failure, hypertension, acidosis, tumor-lysis syndrome, sarcoidosis, hypothyroidism, lead intoxication; diet such as organ-meats/red meat, legumes, alcohol, certain cheese; medications such as diuretics, cyclosporin, salicylate, Ethambutol etc. There many many more diseases/meds causing this. Consult doc. Good luck.
See details. Your body produces too much uric acid or your kidneys excrete too little. All causes are related to these 2 basic mechanisms.

1260mg of Uric acid in urine, levels on blood 4.5 what could cause these high urine reading. Total volume was 2600ml urine.

See details. That high level makes no sense with a serum uric acid that low. Repeat it. The only explanation is if you ate taking a uricosuric agent such as Probenecid.
Diet. Stop worrying. The amount of uric acid that you put out daily is the result of how much DNA and RNA you metabolize. Unless you have considerable ongoing abnormal cell turnover (usually extra cell turnover in your marrow due to illness which will usually be obvious), this is mostly the result of your food preferences. A trip to the steak house can produce this lab result, and the health concern is zero.

Please explain why I might have this elevated blood uric acid level?

See details. The level is elevated either because you produce too much or your kidneys excrete too little. There are several issues that can cause either of these situations.

What dietary foods leads to elevated blood level as to increase uric acid level in blood?

Well known. Beef, lamb, pork, shellfish, most alcoholic beverages: beer is worse than spirits such as vodka and gin, moderate wine consumption is fine. Foods high in fructose such as non diet soda and fruit juices also get converted to uric acid and should be minimized.

What would cause low red and white count in the blood, w/high uric acid? No medication is taken. Had cancerous tumor removed & hysterectomy in 1999.

Many thoughts. The answer depends on your age, is the Aspirin causing bleeding, do you have kidney problems which needs to be clarified, it is not clear any of this is related to previous tumor but your physician needs to integrate each of these symptoms and making a diagnosis.

29y/o Male with psoriasis. In the past 6 years, always had high Uric Acid level in blood tests : 8.6 to 8.8 mg/dl. How do I find the reason and cure?

Cannot. Psoriasis-- like any other auto immune disease has a combination of genetic potential and environmental factors playing the key role in its cause. Sine genes play a big role, cure lies with genes too! Since there is no cure--- management is the key!
Found in Psoriasis. Approximately 40-50% of people with Psoriasis have elevated uric acid. It is reported to be due to high skin cell turnover and impaired uricolysis. It can be lowered with uricosuric drugs and gout attacks treated with anti-inflammatories. Report in N.I.H./NLM.