What are the differences between urinalyisis and urine culture?

See answer. Urine analysis is using a dipstick to detect protein, blood etc and also lookig at the urine under a microscope to see cells and othe rsubstances to diagnose kidney problems urine culture is incubating the urine to grow/reveal the type of bacteria to direct treatment.
Here is... Urinalysis is to chemically and/or microscopically detect the pH, specific gravity, protein, nitrite, white & red blood cells, bacteria, epithelial cells, etc. So to get rough ideas for possible inflammation, infection, bleeding, etc. Inside urinary tract. If infection is suspected in urinalysis or clinically, urine culture is taken to verify bacteria so to guide how to use antibiotics... Ask Doc.
UA. Urinalysis is a screening test and urine culture is the definitive test to diagnose urinary tract infection.