Menopause relief naturally?

Options. Black cohosh is an herb which may be beneficial for hot flashes, but which should be avoided if there is liver illness. The lignans in flaxseed and flaxseed oil may help night sweats/ to obtain the most benefit from flaxseed oil, it should be cold grinded. The plant Estrogens in red clover may be helpful with mild menopausal symptoms but may be contraindicated in a woman with either breast >>.
Well... There are a huge choices of otc " medicines ", yet the majority are scientifically unproven. If this is what you plan to do go to google and ask the question. Be prepared for tons of information and misinformation. Research each and see if any have medical and research advice. But also the " advice " may be bogus so really be careful how you could " waste your money ". My advice , talk to a dr.