Can pre gingivitis cause irrated tonsils, sore throats, feel like cuts in my mouth symp but no cuts? Stye? But all go away.

Per gingivitis?? Gingivitis is inflammation in the gum due to plaque and bacteria. There is no such thing as " pre gingivitis" gingivitis is reversible with dental cleaning and flossing and brushing. No relationship to sore throat.
See your Dentist. By pre-gingivitis I am thinking you may mean your gums are bleeding at some times. This would not cause the sore throat, tonsils or feeling of cuts your mouth. Please see your dentist for a diagnosis.
Not a condition. Gingivitis is inflammation of the periodontal tissues without bone loss and is often reversible. My guess is that some irritant is affecting your gums, tonsils, and throat simultaneously rather than a gum issue being the cause of the other problems. Pay close attention to the pattern of the inflammation and see if you can associate it with a particular food, drink, or behavior that may be involved.